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Stories @ reBooked

One of the privileges of being a writer is joining, and supporting, a local community of children’s book creators and readers.

In addition to volunteering with a wonderful literacy charity, Bring Me A Book Hong Kong, I volunteer with and regularly host free storytelling sessions at reBookeda Hong Kong-based, non-profit social enterprise founded by an inspiring teen, Bailey Cherry, and managed by students and volunteers. reBooked’s secondhand bookshop for children in Central Hong Kong is the perfect venue for local authors, illustrators, educators, librarians and teachers who are passionate about children’s literature to share their passion with young readers.

So far, we have hosted:

and so many more committed and passionate volunteer storytellers, without whom none of this would be possible.

As I am a member of, and a critique coordinator for, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) (HK chapter) and because of my work with reBooked, I have independently compiled of a list of Hong Kong-based authors and illustrators who are available for school visits and workshops. You can access the list below.

Please note that while I have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the details are all correct as of the date of the document, it is not updated regularly. Please contact the individual authors and illustrators to discuss your needs with them directly.

reBooked provides a safe, cosy, book-lined environment within which to engage with children of all ages from our local communities and I am grateful for the reBooked team’s generosity of spirit. Interested in getting involved? Get in touch!


I loved how you incorporated your own opinions and added your own life story to your talks. The way you connected what you think of being an author to your life story was intriguing and really resonated with me ~ High-school student.


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School Visits

One of the greatest perks of being a writer is being able to offer talks and workshops in schools to share my writer’s journey and creative process with others in the hopes that they too, will be tempted down this assured path to penury. (I’m kidding of course. Some authors, like J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan, have done very well for themselves).

I love speaking and meeting with young children and teenagers (middle school to high school), in particular those with writerly aspirations, and using my published works as springboards to help them discover, as I have, the joys and perils of fearless and authentic creativity. My previous face-to-face talks have included:

  • Writing from Memory (and Making It Flash!) where I introduce students to my as-of-yet-incomplete journey to publication of my memoir-based middle grade novel and explore flash fiction as a useful, creative diversion.
  • What You Can Do with Your Phone – Make Good Art where I introduce students to ways of using their smartphones to make good art – art that is personal to them – with my published creative works as real-life examples.

I strive to be engaging, supportive, interesting, fun and most of all, authentic, because, as any children’s writer will tell you, you can’t pull the wool over their extremely sharp and extremely discerning eyes. Don’t take my word for it though. You can read testimonials from teachers and students here.

While my talks are usually conducted face-to-face and an hour long, I am acutely aware that teachers and librarians are pulled in many different directions, so I am happy to accommodate and to be flexible to meet your teaching goals and needs. Do get in touch if you’d like me to visit your school!


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Coffee & Conversations

Articles published by Coffee & Conversations; edited by Shikha S. Lamba, Rashmi B. Nayar & Ritika Prasad.

Articles for adult readers about life in Asia. Coffee & Conversations is a refreshingly eclectic and uplifting digital magazine edited across three time zones by three enterprising and tireless women. Regular contributions include “In a Corner of My City, Hong Kong,” “Molly, our Not-So-Perfect Pet,” “Home, a Place to Remember” and Dignity Kitchen: Returning Dignity to People with Disabilities” as well as an interview of Malaysian author, Preeta Samarasan. All articles are free to read.

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A Tropical Winter

Shortlisted in the UK Write Mentor flash fiction competition (2021).

Flash fiction for children. My entry “A Tropical Winter” was shortlisted in the UK Write Mentor’s flash fiction competition. The full 200-word text can be read below.

A Tropical Winter

We stand around the big white box.

It’s humming softly but I can hardly hear it over my pounding heart. My lips are dry, like my throat.

Marianne steps on my foot. We giggle and squirm. Margot shoots us angry looks. Her parents named her after a famous dancer, but no one speaks French, so instead, we call her Maggot. She’s the only one in the whole school who has touched real snow.

She slides the glass doors open.

Your whole head goes inside, okay?  

We stand on tiptoe and bend full forward, our faces smarting from the bursts of cold clouds. I hold my breath like I’m underwater. I look at the dead fish, the huddled-together prawns, the slabs of frozen meat. I close my eyes and try to imagine a snowman. He has a woolly hat and a carrot nose.

Marianne, or perhaps Wei Li, yanks my arm.

Someone’s coming!

Squealing, we turn and run out of the supermarket into the tropical heat, our flip-flops only stopping once we reach the playground.

THAT’S what it’s like, Maggot says smugly, as I cup my hands to my still icy cheeks, breathlessly savouring the last traces of my first winter.

(200 words)

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Imprint 20

Published by Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong.

Poetry and vignettes for adult readers. In this edition of the annual anthology of creative works by women in Hong Kong are poems (“Hong Kong, 2020”) and musings (“The Other Frontliners”).

In conjunction with the anthology’s launch in early 2022, one of my pieces, “The Waitress” , was read by the charming Hong Kong-based poet, actress and writer Susan Lavender. The recorded reading can be found at this link.

Copies are available at local bookstores in Hong Kong.

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Imprint 19

Published by Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong.

Poetry and vignettes for adult readers. Included in this anthology of creative works by women in Hong Kong are poems (“Hong Kong, 2019”) and musings (“Ching Ming in Sheung Wan”). Reprints are available upon request.

The Banquet

Shortlisted in the UK Bridport Prize 2021 (Flash Fiction).

Flash fiction for adults. My entry, “The Banquet” was shortlisted in the UK Bridport Prize flash fiction competition. The full text is not publicly available (sorry!).