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Kennedy Town 5:30 a.m.

Published by Mekong Review (May – July 2021).

Literary article about a local neighbourhood in Hong Kong. Mekong Review is an established literary journal edited by Minh Bui Jones that features writings about Asia by Asians. “Kennedy Town, 5:30 a.m.” is about a walk I took in the pre-dawn hours in a slowly, but surely, gentrifying part of western Hong Kong. I wonder how long the birds will sing freely in this city of mine. Only available to MR subscribers.

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Coffee & Conversations

Articles published by Coffee & Conversations; edited by Shikha S. Lamba, Rashmi B. Nayar & Ritika Prasad.

Articles for adult readers about life in Asia. Coffee & Conversations is a refreshingly eclectic and uplifting digital magazine edited across three time zones by three enterprising and tireless women. Regular contributions include “In a Corner of My City, Hong Kong,” “Molly, our Not-So-Perfect Pet,” “Home, a Place to Remember” and Dignity Kitchen: Returning Dignity to People with Disabilities” as well as an interview of Malaysian author, Preeta Samarasan. All articles are free to read.