School Visits

I offer author talks and workshops for young children and teenagers (middle school to high school) using my published works as springboards. I love sharing my writer’s journey and creative process, in particular with aspiring writers, in the hope that they too, will discover the many joys of fearless and authentic creativity. I am happy to accommodate and to be flexible to meet your teaching goals and needs, so please do get in touch!


I really enjoyed the workshop. Maureen had an easy rapport with our young writers, and I appreciated that she made the effort to get to know them before the workshop started. She shared easily digestible content, tips, and age-appropriate examples. The students enjoyed being read excerpts of Maureen’s work, as well as hearing about her experiences as a writer, and getting published. Next time, I would push for a two-hour workshop so that there’s more time for students to do the flash fiction writing activity, and really put more thought into their work. Thank you, Maureen! (Teacher).

I really liked how you showed us how to draw inspiration from the things around us and how to turn the most mundane of things into more complex ideas! (High-school student)

Fantastic workshops. Maureen was well prepared, and delivered two informative and interactive workshops, which was highly relevant to students’ interests (Teacher).

I think the author was very nice (Middle-grade student)

I loved your talk because, it made me more inspired with what you could do with your phone especially to make good art. All of this stuff I never knew about before and now I know that you can make fantastic art using your camera app and voice memos (High-school student).

I loved how you incorporated your own opinions and added your own life story to your talks. The way you connected what you think of being an author to your life story was intriguing and really resonated with me (High-school student).