Thank you for telling us that we should put down our phones and do not imprisoned by our phones. Nowadays actually many people use their phones all the time and never put it down, also I am the one. After listening to you, I think I would like to try a day without my phone, and I can already foresee many new experiences with my ‘daily’ life 🙂 ~ Secondary student.

I am actually amazed how you can squeeze in so much content within a short hour! … I really love the idea of using sounds and sight as stimuli for the production of art. ~ Teacher.

I loved your talk, it was remarkable. The group size was good, the book introduction was enjoyable, and the activity about using the 5 senses to write was amazing…I learnt to look deeper into things and how to use my smartphone in a better way. ~ Secondary student.

I loved how you incorporated your own opinions and added your own life story to your talks. The way you connected what you think of being an author to your life story was intriguing and really resonated with me ~ High-school student.


I really liked how you showed us how to draw inspiration from the things around us and how to turn the most mundane of things into more complex ideas! ~ High-school student.

I really enjoyed the workshop. Maureen had an easy rapport with our young writers, and I appreciated that she made the effort to get to know them before the workshop started. She shared easily digestible content, tips, and age-appropriate examples. The students enjoyed being read excerpts of Maureen’s work, as well as hearing about her experiences as a writer, and getting published. Next time, I would push for a two-hour workshop so that there’s more time for students to do the flash fiction writing activity, and really put more thought into their work. Thank you, Maureen! ~ Teacher.

I appreciate a lot on the link between your generation and ours, especially for using mobile phone as the topic. You let us feel your intention to communicate together. ~ Secondary student